blowing through like change itself

albert - November 22, 2010 @ 11:02 pm

The weather the last three days has been



The wind started Saturday and whipped the trees around above my head as I pat some last minute mulch around my garlic and leeks, working fast and sloppy so that I could get back inside and out of wind. Sunday was colder but calmer and big fuzzy snowflakes wafted out of the sky. Today it snowed in earnest and the wind came back, and the temperature dropped another couple degrees, putting a rock hard skin of ice on the streets and making travel one hundred percent more thrilling. It’s amazing.

I’m dry brining my turkey again this year. To the salt I added a dash each of sage and thyme and a few twigs of rosemary from the perennial bed. I’ve done the brine before but I think I’m giving it an extra day this year. I remember starting late last time. The day of I think I’ll probably throw an onion, celery, some garlic cloves and a couple carrots into the cavity, throw it in the oven and forget about it. With a chicken I’d put a lemon in but somehow it doesn’t feel right for a thanksgiving turkey. Tomorrow I’m going to cut her wingtips off and cook up some broth with them and the giblets. This is by far the best holiday of the year.

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