More pictures from the garden

albert - May 24, 2010 @ 9:30 pm

A funny time of spring, the sun comes out and the world seems in full bloom, then the clouds roll in, it starts raining and it feels like it still winter. Some stuff is in full bloom, other stuff won’t be able to germinate for another month.

Mmmm…. potatoes. This perspective makes the garden look very wide.


Two random photos

albert - May 17, 2010 @ 8:40 pm

I didn’t take a single good picture during our last trip back east so this’ll have to stand for all the things I saw and all the emotions I experienced.

I haven’t taken very many good photos since I’ve been back so this picture will have to stand in for all the emotions I’ve experienced over the last month.


albert - @ 8:32 pm

The new windows are in. Here’s the good:


Garden – Beginning of May

albert - @ 8:15 pm

These photos are a couple weeks old now but I’m just getting around to sharing them.

The starts look pretty good huh? Since the time I took these photos they’ve done nearly nothing except for letting their leaves die off on at a time. I don’t get it. We’ve had great tomato starts the last two years and did nothing different this year.


The hardest thing

albert - @ 7:55 pm

The hardest thing about being me is definitely the part about being an idiot.

I mean, seriously… How do all you guys make living look so easy?

By the way, for weeks I tried to summon enough energy for a monster post about our trip to Virginia but in the end I just couldn’t do it. None of the my usual angles were sufficient for describing the way it felt without sounding like a pansy. So I’ll leave it at this: Our last trip to the east coast affected me deeply.

Converge, Coalesce, Neumos 2010-05-14

albert - May 14, 2010 @ 2:20 pm

When you go see a band that you’ve been listening to forever; one of those bands that you own 9 or 10 albums by; do you ever find yourself wishing just a little that the band that walks on stage is actually the 2003 or 2004 version of the band?

Maybe someday Converge will do the reunion thing and do a tour where they play Petitioning the Empty Sky or When Forever Comes Crashing all the way through. They’ll have to stop making new albums and break up for a decade first though.

Notwithstanding my yearning for the past, they were razor sharp last night, tighter than the other times I’ve seen them I think. I got too drunk during Coalesce and could only take a few minutes at a time up at the front before I had to fall back and pant like the old man I am.

I got kicked in the face more times than I have at any show since high school.  It was fun. But I wish they had played Conduit, just a little.

Oh, and the guitarist for Coalesce is super skinny, looks like he’s having seizures sometimes when he plays, jumps in the crowd and gets his gear all bashed up and uncabled and doesn’t pick the strings so much as he smacks the guitar in no seeming relation to the sounds that come out of it. I applaud his style.

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