It turns out I’m more of a rabid liberal than I thought.

albert - November 6, 2012 @ 7:44 am

So much so that I should apparently start voting green party.

There’s something more interesting in this image though. I agree with the democratic platform 97% of the time. I agree with the president, who I consider seriously compromised on certain justice issues 85% of the time. I am even able to find agreement with Libertarians on 39% of the issues and I agree with the average American 60% of the time (sloppy statistics because I have no idea how this sample was taken). But I agree with the the Republican party on only 4% of the issues addressed in this survey. That seems like a huge gap.

I’m going to make a sloppy leap here because I don’t think this image really supports my argument but it reminds of a notion I have which is that the Republicans gain most of their support from people who only support small subsets of their platform. They’re supported by pro-life advocates who disagree with the platforms economic policies for instance. I disagree with 95% of the republican platform but I don’t think I disagree with the average republican voter on 95% of these issues.

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