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albert - January 20, 2010 @ 9:02 am

The Matrix was on TV last night (AMC, believe it or not, though they showed trailers constantly for Space Cowboys which is also apparently an American movie classic) and I realized something that I really should have years ago. You can’t breed humans and use them for energy.

That won’t work.

You can’t get the same or more energy out of humans than you put in them. If the machines have an energy source that they use to grow food to feed the humans then why don’t they use that themselves? It’d be much more efficient. That’s basic thermodynamics.

Morpheus points it out himself in his monologue before they do all the kung fu — humanity has been reduced to a duracell battery (nice product placement). That’s true, you can’t use the duracells as a source of energy either, anymore than you can hydrogen. What’s wrong with just building some nuclear power plants? Machines are dumb I guess.

Also if, as Morpheus says, time is always against them, why did they take time out for a twenty minute techno orgy in the second movie? My time is also precious and that’s twenty minutes I can never get back. And did they ever explain why Neo was able to kill the robot outside the Matrix in that movie?

I still find all the shiny sunglass, leather, computer geek styling to be painful to watch. Maybe it wasn’t so bad ten years ago but why would they dress like that when they go into the Matrix? Aren’t they supposed to be avoiding notice?

Oh well, The Animatrix continues to be awesome.

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