Public service announcement: Going back to Richmond to Richmond to Richmond

albert - May 8, 2013 @ 11:02 am

Pay attention, this will be on the quiz.

Catie, Olivia and I are fortunate to have the opportunity to move back to Virginia to be closer to the densest concentrations of our family. The current plan is to settle in Richmond, Virginia, a place that both of us are very fond of. We’ll be leaving Seattle approximately June 22nd.

The three of us are are also expecting a new baby girl to join our family around the beginning of September. We’re very excited.

Catie will finish out her current school year with Eton and then take some time off to be with Olivia and her new baby sister before looking for a new teaching position at in a year or so.

I’ll be continuing to work for Amazon (less than three years now until I get a red border on my badge) but will be transfering out of the EC2 service team and into the Amazon Web Services security team. Their offices are in Northern VA and I’ll be telecommuting from Richmond about 4/5 of the time.

Olivia will be entering a Montessori primary school program either midway through the fall semester or in the spring. She’s very excited about those shelves full of puzzles and school ranks high among the topics that come up in our bedtime conversations (moving bears, people buying our house, going on an airplane to Virginia and potty parades being other common themes).

We’ve signed a lease on a beautiful house in Richmond a couple blocks off of Monument near Libby. 1500 square feet with a large backyard, a sunporch and a 1.5 car detached garage. One bedroom for us, one for Olivia, an office / playroom, a spare bedroom, and two bathrooms.

Between getting our house on the market, finding a rental, doula, midwife, a new Amazon team and looking at Schools for Olivia, we’ve been very very busy this year and are looking forward to kicking back and relaxing sometime in the fall of 2014.

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